Introduction to the transmission of Latin and Greek texts and the critical edition

Materials for the lessons:

1. Introduction to ancient book: materials and manuscript's preparation. Program

2. The work of the scribe.

3. Notions of Latin and Greek Paleography. Abreviations: Cappelli or Cappelli.

4. The textual tradition.

5. Analysis of the copy mistakes: erreurs and erreurs en latin.

6. How to read a critical edition? Apparatus.

7. Exercises: reading a critical edition I: Alcibiades, Aristote, Virgile.

8. Exercises: reading a critical edition II: Tertullien, Isidore, Gr├ęgoire de Nazianze, Nestle-Aland.

9. Nestle-Aland, New Testament's Apparatus Guide.

10. Critical bibliography.

Guides in PDF Sur la patristique, l'├ędition de textes ; la Bible; list of Abbreviations Used in an Apparatus.